Player stvfan posted a message on 15/07 11:05 on the MadWin Forum: delivery time. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :delivery time
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15/07/2015 11:05:14

hello I ordered a gift in the window on 01 07 2015, validated 05 07 2015 and still not received, yet at the bottom of the page gifts there are marked gifts sent in 24 hours and reception under a week max, except ca I've been waiting for 15 days, was it so long for you ?????

Number of Messages: 1603
20/07/2015 20:34:39

🤕No, there must have been a problem of independent transport of MADWIN 🙁

Number of Messages: 3
30/09/2015 22:54:40

for my part, gift won on 3/09, and still not validated. I contacted customer service on the 10th and again today. I think the time is very long, no!

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