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Subject :THE WHEEL
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16/04/2007 15:28:20

Hello (sick),

I won at the wheel at the beginning of the afternoon and I wanted to try my luck for the laptop..... but no, I only had the perfect Desaccord dvd!!!
I immediately wanted to exchange it and the... impossible!!!!!
I immediately sent an email to the key service of this great site and now he tells me that it is impossible to exchange it because the dvd is validated and therefore close to being sent!!!!!(oo)
I do not stop sending them emails (since for me has the screen and is "waiting") but they do not want to hear anything.....
Has this ever happened to you?

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16/04/2007 16:14:13

Hello 🙋

not your lot is not validated yet, we will watch what happens so you can exchange it.
Do not hesitate to send a message to Customer Service asking for this lot to be exchanged.

Good games!

The Web'

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17/04/2007 09:39:20

I did not stop sending them yesterday afternoon but he told me that he could not do anything since for them my lot was validated !!

this morning I connect and oh surprise I can exchange it!

thank you web master🌹

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