Player edymick posted a message on 26/10 11:34 on the MadWin Forum: Thank you for the gift. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :Thank you for the gift
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26/10/2007 11:34:45

thank you madwin for the gift | | edymick

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02/11/2007 06:35:51

hi heap win what and you got it in how much time good congratulation

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03/11/2007 00:59:37

karina59100 wrote: Hello heap
wins what and you received it in how long congratulations good day hello...


usually for the winnings they are validated within 48 hours... shipped 2 days after..... for the checks ..the rest is according to the availability of the stock but always sent (in my case)... in the follow-up of your earnings you see the states and when they send it... you count from 1 to 3 days or 4 for the Gelbic...

Have a nice day & god gamesssssssssssssss

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04/11/2007 18:03:12

🙁y): Hello everyone!
For my part I will simply say a BIG THANK YOU for the gifts well received this weekend (earned on 28/10 - sent on 31/10 - received on 02/11) 1 usb key 4 GB.
It could not be faster!
Encore THANKS Madwin

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