Player bamby1108 posted a message on 28/10 18:51 on the MadWin Forum: how to do...????. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :how to do...????
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28/10/2009 18:51:28

hello... https://www. it is the first time I have participated in this forum... I apologize in advance if my message is not in its place... I did not manage to post a message in this topic...?
I am in the same situation.... I have been playing quoverbis for a long time just for the pleasure of playing with words... I discovered madwin and cadovillage not long ago... I am offered the dream card but I can't group them together because I am told that my name, first name and postal code are different... strange when everything is the same... https://www. do you really
need 100,000 points per site for the dreamcard ...?? if so, it's mission impossible... https://www.

Top poster
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29/10/2009 22:02:30

It's complicated all that! ! ! 🙁


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