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Jackpot Bronze Grid - USD 60
USD 60

Award Details
Winnings In Each Grid:

1 x Loot - A Bronze
Jackpot with a maximum gain of USD 55,95
  • 1 x A Bronze
    Jackpot with a maximum gain of USD 55,95
  • 49 x USD 2,50
  • 100 x USD 0,50
  • 200 x USD 0,25
6 x 1000 Points
10 x 200 Points
190 x 50 Points
393 x 5 Points
Grid #1112  16/01/2019 04:27:26
Click on a Box in the Grid to win what's behind!
Perform all your clicks automatically... ( Maximum 30 clicks at a time)

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An Anonymous challenge has a set number of players and closes when all spots have been taken. Winnings are distributed to the winners after all players have played and according to the challenge WinningsRound You always know the score of your opponents.

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