Player lepat63 posted a message on 05/09 14:30 on the MadWin Forum: gifts. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :gifts
Number of Messages: 1
05/09/2013 14:30:44

hello to you
you have to wait 8 weeks before receiving the gifts ??????
have a good day

Number of Messages: 1
06/09/2013 11:54:29

yes, normal, late due to holidays, I waited 7 weeks, good luck and good games

Number of Messages: 62
06/09/2013 13:32:53

it can take 8 weeks cs it does not have your gift in stock but otherwise most of the time c fast15 days maxi

Number of Messages: 2
06/09/2013 13:39:33

😲 c not too much 8 weeks

Number of Messages: 4
06/09/2013 13:45:53

] Thanks for the information 😎

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