Player theosasha posted a message on 08/07 18:39 on the MadWin Forum: tournaments. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :tournaments
Number of Messages: 30
08/07/2012 18:39:08

pffffffff dislike
I play a coffee l addition for at least 15 days it is the same that was first
I manage to go up first jy is believed arffffffffff two days after another beats me I find it strange that I fight for 15 days see more and that he in two days hopppppppp he wins 😈😈😈

Number of Messages: 5
17/07/2012 21:01:23

Snif a stroke of luck for him and not for you!

Top poster
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22/07/2012 08:37:05

comfort yourself, this is just a game 😎


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