Player MIMS72 posted a message on 05/10 19:34 on the MadWin Forum: Super winner ticket. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :Super winner ticket
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05/10/2011 19:34:06

I am a beginner on the site and I have 72 tickets for the super winning game but when I want to use them a message appears where it is written error you do not have a ticket to play

Top poster
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05/10/2011 21:54:41

MIMS72, when I started playing on the sites of the Dream, I am, At first, interested in the rules and then I also read the rules of the games. 🤡 If you did, you would have understood that your tickets allowed you to participate in the draw to win potential clicks for the game Super Winner. As long as you have not gained a click, you can not play this game 🙋🙋

Number of Messages: 3
27/12/2011 18:36:15

Is it possible at least to win clicks? Since I signed up I haven't earned any! xD

Top poster
Number of Messages: 745
31/12/2011 01:11:12

of course you can win clicks !!! around midnight there is a draw, when you play free games, you earn points 😎 and your scores are high 😀 you earn more points 😉 so more chance of winning clicks 🍸 I wish you good luck, and pass very good end of Annees 🙋 🍸 🌹

Number of Messages: 1
02/01/2012 03:54:18

it's true thanks for me too I thought ca😃

Number of Messages: 3406
04/01/2012 10:26:35

Hello 🙋,

Good luck to all for this new year 2012!

I remind you that you have until 28/02 to use your clicks on the grid of Super Winner.

Good game!

The Web'

Number of Messages: 1
06/01/2012 17:12:11

Big surprise, we no longer receive tickets for the grid super-winner!
On the other hand if we play in the free game, we still receive, but total mentioned nowhere!
I lose my Latin ...
I feel like I'm going to play a lot less often

Number of Messages: 3406
06/01/2012 17:36:26

Hello 🙋

Super Winner bows out and leaves the Challenges and Mega Challenge! You have until 28/02 to use your unused clicks on Super Winner: for this, a link is available at the bottom of the page.

Do not hesitate to contact Customer Service if you want help!

Good Games!
The Web'

Number of Messages: 18
09/01/2012 14:12:22

And what's going to happen to arabesque?

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