Player Mwawa posted a message on 21/08 10:57 on the MadWin Forum: gift reception. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :gift reception
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21/08/2011 10:57:22

my gift was supposedly sent on 20/06/2011 gold I still have not received anything!
Customer service response: they are waiting for a return from the post!
it was a recipe book pasta and rice
and I'm still waiting .............
Perhaps there was an error on their part when sending, (my details were correct) but in the meantime I do not have my present :))

did anyone have this problem around the 20/06/2011?
thank you for your reply

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22/08/2011 12:54:57

Hello 🙋

We do what is necessary for our members to be satisfied, however it is normal for La Poste to assume its share of responsibilities. Gifts that do not arrive at their destination happily happen rarely, but when this happens, it is normal and even necessary to follow the procedures. Because in addition, we receive weekly dozens of packages in return for La Poste who can not identify the address indicated by the member. Maybe this will be your case, in which case, when La Poste returns your package, the Clietns Service will contact you to verify your mailing address. We can then return your package, this second shipment being fully charged to us, at no cost to the member. This is part of our commitment to our members.

This allows me to remind everyone of the importance of filling out the mailing address field of your account as accurately as possible. I also remind you that we do not sell your mailing addresses, they are not communicated to anyone other than us and they are used only to send you your gifts!

The Web'

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23/08/2011 10:31:10

thank you for your answer which proves the seriousness of your forum.
my address was accurate and anyway, we are in a village of 80 inhabitants, where the factor knows everyone.
I will nevertheless go and see at the post office if a parcel has not remained there.


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