Player cricri04 posted a message on 25/02 22:44 on the MadWin Forum: Sent or not?. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :Sent or not?
Top poster
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25/02/2011 22:44:15

Someone pointed out that no check has been sent since February 9th ...
Yesterday in my earnings tracking, it was marked that my check was sent yesterday at 19h ... and then today, it is marked not sent ...

But what happens with the gifts? have they started to be reshipped?

Number of Messages: 3421
25/02/2011 23:26:40

Yes absolutely the shipments take place every day and for the little bug no worries: it leaves at the latest in the middle of next week, with all the same and of course our apologies for this small delay.

Good games!
The Web'

Top poster
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26/02/2011 00:01:15

Thank you Web !!

These fluctuations began to intrigue me !!!

Top poster
Number of Messages: 19
26/02/2011 04:30:57

Hello! :)
I also used to receive small gifts regularly but it's true that it does not send for a long time..good there is the period of 8 weeks ... but ...
Good night all :)

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