Player Arkilok posted a message on 03/12 00:49 on the MadWin Forum: How do we know if we won?. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :How do we know if we won?
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03/12/2008 00:49:39

Hi everyone, I find this site very nice even when we don't win lol
But precisely on this subject I would like to know how we know when we won, because I played at the Tombolas window, and I hope I won (because my Madpoints were not refunded to me), and if I didn't win I would like to know when my Madpoints will be refunded so that I can bet them on other gifts?
Here is on this to more

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09/12/2008 18:16:30

Hi ! Normally we will reimburse you the day after the draw your pts gifts unless you have won xD To see if you won, you click on "your account" and "track gains".

Top poster
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15/12/2008 20:13:22

When you win it is indicated in your good luck account

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