Player metempsychos posted a message on 05/11 11:14 on the MadWin Forum: welcome. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :welcome
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05/11/2007 11:14:48

Thank you for your welcome messages! It makes this site even more user-friendly.;-)

Have a good day and enjoy the games!

See you soon:wave:

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05/11/2007 18:30:28

"More the merrier, the merrier !" it is verified very well on the forum! Good week to you too! 😉

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05/11/2007 19:26:31

but nothing ... that's what it serves as a forum ...

have a nice day & good gamesssssssssssssssss

Top poster
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06/11/2007 10:45:26

🙋 and yes we welcome everyone who will become addicted to madwin !!!!!!!!!!!!! in any case if you meet a pti know that we are all here to answer you and if we can help you it will be with pleasure, wishing you good luck

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