Player rvrouss posted a message on 20/09 15:29 on the MadWin Forum: ghost game parimots. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :ghost game parimots
Number of Messages: 16
20/09/2006 15:29:33

why parimots doesn't open is that it comes from my computer or is it a ghost game that he's been writing for almost 2 years now.....
there's a whole bunch of games that only work in dreams!!!


Number of Messages: 4
22/09/2006 17:51:11

Honestly I do not see where is the problem with parimots ..... me I play every day at this great game !!
If I can afford to send an email to customer service and they will explain to you how to do it, I had a similar problem with push panic, there was actually an accounting problem with my computer ....... they m explained ... after you to see if you want to follow their explanations ......


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