Player tigra68 posted a message on 24/07 15:20 on the MadWin Forum: decue. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :decue
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24/07/2006 15:20:48

Hello to all
well I am terribly disappointed to see that the gifts have increased so much!!!! I went for a walk in the check shop and I noticed with horror that everything had increased enormously since the beginning of the year!! before I often took checks but now it is much too expensive I find... Why this monstrous increase????? Web frankly I think it's not cool....

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24/07/2006 16:59:36

Hello tigra68🙋,

in response to your remark:

- checks: indeed their cost in Madpoints has increased significantly. It should be known that previously, they were clearly "undervalued" so as to make them accessible to the greatest number. In return, they were available in very limited quantities, you have been very many to complain in the past! The problem is that the demand for a check has increased very strongly and we could no longer satisfy everyone. So we decided to change the policy: the checks are now available in larger quantities, but by cons they are at their "fair price" ...

- the gifts in shop: there was indeed a small increase. I say small, because indeed, it is not that important. We have not done it for two years, but as you know, prices in the trade are increasing, so-called inflation. This inflation is reflected in permancence on our costs of purchases from our suppliers. We have not done this for two years and yet we are indeed experiencing these price increases and there comes a time when, unfortunately, we are obliged ourselves to increase the cost of gifts in store otherwise it is the financial balance of our society that would be challenged!
We have nevertheless done the best to penalize you as little as possible. In addition, we made efforts in other places of the site: did you notice in particular that the cost of the tournaments has globally decreased and that while we propose often larger endowments (packed basket for example)?

In short, we try to do the best to satisfy you, it is not always easy and I hope that your disappointment will be only temporary!

And we remain open to all your suggestions!

Good games!
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