Player babsou87 posted a message on 21/01 21:40 on the MadWin Forum: ????????????????. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :????????????????
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21/01/2006 21:40:25

I sent several messages, none of them were put, weird.

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23/01/2006 10:40:21

you send the same messages every 15 days to reproach us for not changing the challenges ... the message being passed, and answer given to you previously, I do not see the interest to continue to publish these messages .. of course if the answer changes but in this case I will precede your question, because believe that your suggestion has not been forgotten! 😉

Unfortunately, it takes time ...

Good games!

The Web'

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25/01/2006 03:41:56

ah there were answers? ben I have not seen them sorry

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