Player mandretjosette posted a message on 19/10 13:30 on the MadWin Forum: Thank you madwin. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :Thank you madwin
Number of Messages: 2
19/10/2007 13:30:44

My daughter and grandson registered me yesterday on your site and helped me understand how to play (I am 83 years old).
Surprised, I played Eden and won the loot (my grandson chose a Wii console).
Then we played with the stones (I don't know the name anymore...) and re-surprise at the quit or double we won with a lot of emotion and excitement a 160 go DVD player (without understanding that it was the great gift and that we could go higher).
Too much emotion on madwin. For my age, I didn't know your site could play Santa Claus. I think I'm going to buy a computer just for myself to play alone. A big thank you!!!!!!!!!

Number of Messages: 61
22/10/2007 20:40:41

hello very nice message and it's nice to see that there is no age to have fun at madwin and in addition it is true that we win beautiful gifts but you have made all my congratulations

Number of Messages: 104
24/10/2007 23:03:03

Hello and sincerees congratulations .. it is very nice to see that everyone can play on madwin and that we can win great gifts I play it often and I had everything gifts ... kisses

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