Player sunred posted a message on 11/05 14:19 on the MadWin Forum: quick question. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :quick question
Number of Messages: 109
11/05/2010 14:19:49

Personally, soon 1 year, often on the keyboard, credits taken, well a gift" ! keychain, the question is: how do those I read do, who receive so many things without purchased credits, about every two months?

Number of Messages: 117
19/06/2010 14:45:20

Probably are they registered in the windows ticking? it's long at the beginning but once the files start to report is often to follow ... Personally that's how I managed to have some gifts even if I have unfortunately lost all my windows it a few months ago and so I have to resume at all.

Number of Messages: 8
19/06/2010 16:54:12

For me, until 2009, I received a small gift every two or three months (showcase raffle).
But this year, nothing since 15/01/2010.
Or has the rhythm changed, or are we more unlucky?

Number of Messages: 20
24/06/2010 08:19:18

Indeed, the pace has changed. In any case for the showcased raffles, before (without being able to quote date), there was a draw by site. The object X was thus winnable once on Madwin, once on Quoverbis and once on Cadovillage. Each draw was made for the players of a single site.
Now there is only one X object to win for the players of the 3 sites, not 4 with Madloto! Just look at the list of winners, it's the same for the 4 sites.
Before, it was not the case (in any case for Cadovillage, it changed at the beginning of the year or a hair before)

And then, the points at stake have also decreased, it does not help for gifts!

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