Player poppers50 posted a message on 16/07 03:11 on the MadWin Forum: Dear Webmaster,. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :Dear Webmaster,
Number of Messages: 74
16/07/2006 03:11:41

(It starts and looks like a letter to Santa Claus)
Many times this request is swallowed up by others so I put it back on the surface. Will
Madwin offer one day (next) for his VIP Diamond members the little something that makes the difference.
I would like us (all Diamond VIPs) to get a free game on the credit games (Cache-a-lots, Eldorado and Wanted).
That would be nice, or thank us more.
Even if you say, "No, but what's wrong with you?????"
At least you'll have answered.
I've been very wise, and I love Madwin very much!
Thank you Father... webmaster!
P.S.: What do you VIPs think of this suggestion?

Number of Messages: 20
29/07/2006 04:59:43

Well I am not VIP diamond but I dream of becoming ^^ !! and it is true that it would not be bad!

Number of Messages: 9
29/07/2006 11:10:54

🙁y): it is clear that it would be nice but I doubt if it is possible but that does not try anything na mais.mais I of your opinion c a good suggestion or can be create one or two games a small credit just for the diamond vip as well as for the other vip but with gifts according to the rank vip that we have to you popp '

Number of Messages: 33
31/07/2006 18:27:05

great idea !!! we could at least have a free party for our birthday !!

Top poster
Number of Messages: 726
02/08/2006 02:44:00

You are Diamond VIP, congratulations, for now I am platinum VIP, still a little patience and I will join you 😉
Have a free party, you may ask a little too much, but why not! ! ! On the other hand a lil something more would be welcome to reward fidelity.


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