Player Sand7635 posted a message on 15/01 10:54 on the MadWin Forum: Light ball (hight tech). Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :Light ball (hight tech)
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15/01/2007 10:54:40

Hello someone would have more info on what it is exactly? thank you in advance and good games to all.

Top poster
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06/02/2007 21:41:38

It's the same principle as the bright mobo balls, with the difference that it works with batteries ....
It is a ball of fifteen centimeters in diameter which is colored several colors .. pretty pretty! 👏

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07/02/2007 13:25:00

I think I'm not mistaken for a gift so here are some explanations on the luminous ball:

Thanks to a small button under the ball, you can choose between different modes of lighting, fade, flashing or fixed.
These little balls are magic!
The fade-in mode gradually changes from one color to another (6 in total).
You place your lumiglobe on its small base and you will have 8 hours of autonomy per charge cycle.

Ideal in children's rooms to serve as a night light, very pleasant in the living room ...
You can take it anywhere in the house!


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