Player tornado81 posted a message on 24/04 16:04 on the MadWin Forum: Fewer free games. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :Fewer free games
Number of Messages: 1
24/04/2010 16:04:02

I wanted to point out that before we were entitled to 15 free games and now more than 10 games! :-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-:-(:-(:-:-(:-(:-(:-(:-))))))
You had to believe Santa Claus before if you dreamed of exchanging your madpoints for a gift because it's impossible unless you ruin yourself by buying games but that's not the goal!!!
I think it's a site where we'll never get gifts, so cheap!
I haven't played a single gift for a long time now!!!!!!!!!!

Number of Messages: 12
26/04/2010 10:48:45

Bizarre !!
I have not seen any changes and this morning I still have my 15 free spins.
Sometimes I pester (and often) when there is, for example, a change in pts, which often happens.
But I would like to remind that Madwin as well as Quoverbis and Cadovillage are sites of games "Free" and that it seems to me difficult to see indecent to play to demand gifts. For my part, I go to these 3 sites every day for the pleasure of playing and competing to have a better p
challenge. Have a good day. Balcane

Top poster
Number of Messages: 459
26/04/2010 14:48:31

I had my 15 free spins as well as my entourage. inquire at the customer service.

Number of Messages: 2
26/04/2010 15:11:46

Hello Tornado81,

I think you must be wrong site because there are always 15 free games ... in any case I have 15!
And in addition, now with the Booster parts you can have more (by not yet tested this system ...)

Number of Messages: 30
26/04/2010 16:17:37

you must have had a problem because I had my 15 free spins apart from point conversions that dropped 40 percent, anyway the gifts are not affordable too many million points so I just play for the fun and if I happen to have enough points for a cd or a dvd then I do not deprive myself but now that madwin to sponsors he should review the points upward and down a few million gifts

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