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Subject :Health!
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08/02/2007 16:12:21

(sing) Hail to all!

that's it I just reached the 2,000,000 madpoints! Which foot is super rewarding!

Motivation of perseverance is the recipe for success !!

Thank you Madwin for these little moments of joy and relaxation !! Continue to cheer us up with your beautiful gifts !!!!

Kisses Mary-anne !: wave:

Top poster
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11/02/2007 02:43:05

Congratulations mary38, now you have to reach 3,000,000 mpts.
Courage. 🌹

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12/02/2007 15:46:23

Congratulations, I'm delighted for you ... As far as I'm concerned, I have to play in free mode for years, so the 2,000,000 + madpoints, it's not tomorrow the day before .... 🙁 But Well, I'm having fun anyway. The games are tops. Thanks to the MAdwin team for its countless efforts.

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27/02/2007 17:56:35

And well ... you're motivated so say ^^

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