Player salome51 posted a message on 22/07 07:58 on the MadWin Forum: And this is not the first time .... Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :And this is not the first time ...
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22/07/2010 07:58:25

:-( Once again the profitability of the games has been diminished !!! ...

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24/07/2010 06:31:49

yes it is true and it becomes frankly impossible, but as administrators do not take into account the complaints of players madwin, quoverbis and giftsvillage are the only sites that I know to act in this way why will know yet at this rate it will take well over 10 years of games to have the right to choose a gift and again I am modest, so I play only for fun and basta when I really see that we can not really enjoy playing at cause scores and well I would stop the site

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25/07/2010 01:48:09

It is heartbreaking soon we will remove points (the crisis is spent at madwin) should ask a donation to the richest lady in France.

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25/07/2010 11:32:14

But when will they stop? 😀

Top poster
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28/07/2010 09:26:07

Yes it's sure.

I guess they have to have trouble getting the gifts for players who play for free.

I think to put back the old distribution systems of Madpoints, they should put some advertising windows, for my part, it would not bother me.

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