Player sp3xii posted a message on 19/03 14:00 on the MadWin Forum: Game validation. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :Game validation
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19/03/2010 14:00:50

Since a few days, before each game, a message invites us to validate the game within 3 min. 5...
What do you mean? Where and how to validate the game?
I suppose this is related to the fact that "sometimes" madpoints are not credited.
Thank you for your answer.

Top poster
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19/03/2010 23:24:49

I think the duration of the game is limited. between the click PLAY and the CONTINUE button to transform the score into madpoints we have xxx minutes. the site may be overloaded if a game started is not finished. the phone, the postman, a visit and the game is abandoned and then resumed too long after. I do not think it affects uncredited madpoints.

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20/03/2010 23:50:26


In fact it's simple, if it is marked that you dipsoses of 5 minutes to validate your part, it means that you must have finished your game and convert your points in madpoint before these 5 minutes! if you go over the time allotted you will get an error (I think it's the error 24: allotted time exceeded) and no madpoint gained.

Generally this time is more than enough to finish his game but sometimes it's limited. For example 2 minutes for Caster X-Trem it is little ...

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