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the Bugs still want to make everything buggy and row to get there:)
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Subject :Forum
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07/01/2010 17:06:37

personally for 2010 last message from me on the forum because they are not validated so what is the point of having a forum

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07/01/2010 17:18:07


this forum is actually moderate. We understand perfectly well that this can sometimes be frustrating, but remember that you have every freedom to express yourself on various forums elsewhere on the Internet!

Good games!

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19/01/2010 08:59:56

It is quite normal for a forum to be moderate, to avoid foul language or insulting language. On the other hand, what good does it make to a forum (and even more so to a site) that said forum is censored?

What is wrong with honest players being unable to express their irritation with cheaters? Many answers have tried to pass in this subject and none has come out openly.

Madwin had started the year very well in terms of communication (best ads about games, disappearances, automatic validation) and it's all to his credit, but there, frankly, I do not understand.

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19/01/2010 16:28:14

The problem comes from the fact that everyone, unfortunately, can not express themselves by remaining calm and respectful.

Reason why the subject you quote on cheaters is closed.

Some messages may be moderated, not because of the message itself, but because of the responses of some players who may follow ...

We do not want in any case that overflows take place on this forum. This is how !

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Top poster
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23/01/2010 00:26:46

For my part, I have never had censored messages,
sometimes it happens that it takes several days, but it is usually during holidays, not enough to whip a cat.

Madwinement your 😉


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