Player xdarkevil posted a message on 02/09 16:24 on the MadWin Forum: Moderation?. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :Moderation?
Number of Messages: 4
02/09/2007 16:24:48

Maybe it would be good to stop moderating the new messages to death. On the one hand because we no longer know what we may have posted as a message, but also because it is not playing "honestly" as Madwin claims that allowing yourself not to publish a message because it is not "appropriate".

I hope that you will take my message into account and that it will not be "simply" deleted.

Top poster
Number of Messages: 726
04/09/2007 10:09:04

I think that Madwin's team must have good reasons, and that they must be respected.
Until now, all my messages are gone.


Number of Messages: 101
05/09/2007 00:43:33

hello 🙋
Totally agree with you xdarkevil 👏 especially since I too one of my last message is not "passed" while quite courteous but insisting on the disparagement and wickedness of "1loup2" who in his ceaseless responses and comments to the boot of the site is NEVER censored and yet so arrogant !! 😥 In short, it does not matter, do not be fooled all this becomes soft knee, customer service included ... I really want to to get rid of this site but I must be a sick of the game 🤪 and finally love to get me 🤢😢 when I see the hundreds of euros left at a loss 😢 I may not be the most expensive but my departure can do his little effect😂 Gentlemen the censors 😉😂

Number of Messages: 4
05/09/2007 12:10:03

It is sure the moderation of the forum is not cool.
it makes me think a bit of a dictatorship, I have a lot of messages that have not gone unfortunately.

Number of Messages: 300
05/09/2007 21:18:27

xori1 wrote:
hello 🙋
Totally agree with you xdarkevil 👏 especially since I too one of my last message is not

Hello xori1🙋

For your info all my messages do not pass either!

You are part of these people who do not accept that we tell them the 4 truths 🙁n):

For your info I am only a player who spend on this site and many more!

Know that I am not at their boot etc ... as you quote so well! I would spend comments on your other comments about me!

Coming from so low to reach me so high 😀😀

Now if they have decided to let some of my posts go, it looks and I assume those who have censored. I take advantage of my right of free expression to express myself. Thing that you know very well also 🎤

On that good evening to you and 🍸

Top poster
Number of Messages: 384
06/09/2007 08:34:48

I have been posting messages on the forum for a long time, and all have passed. Madwin does a great job and it must not be easy every day to have to check all our writings. I do not say for all but some people abusing their purpose and we are on site to relax and not to settle his accounts!

Number of Messages: 28
06/10/2007 11:25:58

all that goes in negative towards madwin is stopped !! you have to recognize his wrongs but here it is not the case!

Number of Messages: 3411
08/10/2007 13:32:19

No it's wrong, critics are accepted ... but still it is necessary to know how to express them with respect and argumentation!
You are indeed on a moderate forum, internal to our site. I am willing to answer you when we are not attacked! We are here to discuss in a good atmosphere! And I am indeed "merciless" to messages that do not respect these rules!

For those who do not agree, you have the freedom to express yourself on other internet forums, so there is no censorship!

Good games!
The Web'

Number of Messages: 39
08/10/2007 21:03:16

For me also some messages have not passed, perhaps between the forum, the site there is a lot of work and some messages are passed by the trap without intention to do or we will find one of these 4 😉

But it is true that a forum is a place of exchange and not of account zen attitude

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