Player sofiewalla posted a message on 06/02 01:53 on the MadWin Forum: old jack. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :old jack
Number of Messages: 2
06/02/2010 01:53:23

After 1 month even the mod. does not bother to answer.
I keep playing my 15 free games but I spend my money elsewhere.
Other sites have reacted differently to the "crisis" and have considerably increased the points you earn.
That's where my 20 Euro a week goes.

Number of Messages: 101
08/02/2010 03:05:43

What is the question?
Good at the same time your message goes ... it's not too much censorship anyway ... they read but do not respond systematically ... the same for customer service elsewhere😉🤪
Well, what's your site with billions of points?

Number of Messages: 5
08/02/2010 04:16:14

Old Jack and Madwin are seriously falling.
Indeed we do not win anything compared recently.
I just made 416 Mad points with my 15 free games,
my wife 584. (average of 27 and 39 !!)
You think that we do not spend only 1 Euro on this site.
My wife has already posted but neither the Mod nor Madwin responds.
Too bad for Madwin we spend our budget "games" 20 Euro week / person elsewhereN

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