Player anaoka posted a message on 01/02 08:05 on the MadWin Forum: gift quality. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :gift quality
Number of Messages: 1
01/02/2010 08:05:49

Whether it is DVC, calculator (green transparent, red unreadable numbers) or some microscopic plush toys,
their quality is <1,000 in store


Number of Messages: 58
03/02/2010 00:22:45

Certain gifts low in points (in the fun shops and high-tech) are indeed low-end and we can be disappointed (size of stuffed animals, quality of certain gadget). By cons in DVDs, games-culture and the Premium Store it can not be deceptive on top. A CD, a DVD or a console, no risk of being disappointed.

Number of Messages: 2
21/02/2010 10:16:00

Well, I'm more than happy about the quality of the products! I received the keychain malaxable, a day after he is already damn .. Well on with a gift I had no doubt that I was not going to keep it for life .. But we did not warned that this gift was a single use gift lol ...
I was going to take credits I think I'm going to pass 🙁

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