Player idyl94 posted a message on 13/11 12:06 on the MadWin Forum: grievances. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :grievances
Number of Messages: 5
13/11/2009 12:06:34

Just a topic where you can share your troubles with the site because I guess madwin like most sites of this type is far from perfect. B)
Some problems need to be solved with customer service but nothing prevents you from talking about them...

Number of Messages: 3406
13/11/2009 12:15:51

I specify that personal concerns are not published on this forum.
We have already said it several times, it is not desirable that this discussion forum turns into an appendix of the Customer Service!
It is obvious that any player can be confronted with concerns, and that is the reason why we put at your disposal people specifically charged to answer you!

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