Player thaly64 posted a message on 16/04 19:56 on the MadWin Forum: nice new MADWIN. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :nice new MADWIN
Number of Messages: 9
16/04/2009 19:56:11

I just wanted to tell you that the facelift on the home page is very nice, clearer. Congratulations to the whole team:

Number of Messages: 3412
16/04/2009 22:59:16

Hello thaly64 and 42mag,

thank you for your compliments!
Regarding Diaboloto, I invite you to read my answer to the message of chuplait!

Good games!
The Web'

Number of Messages: 73
16/04/2009 22:33:06

Hello yes very simpat the new face of madwin !!
I just have a problem I can not find the diaboloto !!
If someone can tell me!! Previously he was at the bottom of the homepage. thanks in advance

Number of Messages: 5
18/04/2009 13:45:26

hello, madwin's new skin is much more user-friendly
like what a little facelift does good from time to time
Have a good day everyone 🙋

Number of Messages: 2
18/04/2009 18:02:29

it is true that the presentation is more fun. By cons, what is less is that since there is this new presentation, I can not play flash games: they block all. I appealed to the customer service, I followed their advice and despite that I still can not play.

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