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Subject :Earn Madpoints
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16/07/2009 22:06:07


I don't understand how to win gifts.
Indeed if I consider that I play my 15 free games every day without exception and without respite and that I earn on average 50MP per game that gives me 750MP per day.
Let if my calculations are correct 2.5 months to win a ballpoint pen, 10 years to win a check for 50 euros and finally 91 years for the camera!!!! and I say it again without forgetting a single day.
How can I win Madpoints faster?
Thank you. Thank you.

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30/07/2009 17:28:12

You have certain games that allow you to earn a little more than 50mp per game. But the 2 best way to progress is the mega challenge (if you are in the top 460 you will win 5000mp per week!) And the showcases tictac (with 6 months of attendance you win about 2'600'000mp) . So in 6 months you can have your check of 50 euro.

Otherwise there is of course the credits that allows to increase significantly its madpoint balance playing games in pay mode or games loot. For example with luck you can win a lot very nice batch cache.

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30/07/2009 20:19:20


Earn more and faster? Simple: you have to buy credits and get into loot games for example.

Without investment, you have to be really diligent, play free games, get into tic-tac showcases and take raffle tickets ...

Good game.

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