Player maylou40 posted a message on 19/03 20:36 on the MadWin Forum: Registration Anniversary. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :Registration Anniversary
Number of Messages: 22
19/03/2009 20:36:46

I am very happy with this little message. It made me happy as I was starting to feel a little disillusioned today: sponsorship problem! This message comes at the right time to lighten the atmosphere and thank you for the 500 points!

Top poster
Number of Messages: 726
27/03/2009 22:30:51

Hello maylou and welcome to the forum, Madwin is always accommodating!

Number of Messages: 18
03/04/2009 14:28:48

you have a problem of sponsorship these t tell me? because I too have a problem I have my point that decreases each day in the sponsorship I understand nothing at all! I too found it good to have received 500 points for the birthday of 1 years

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