Player reves65 posted a message on 09/02 18:42 on the MadWin Forum: exchange of pioneers for gifts. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :exchange of pioneers for gifts
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09/02/2009 18:42:52

I'm new here:D, can you explain to me how it works to get the gifts:
how many points do I need and how is the exchange done? -0
thank you

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22/02/2009 17:44:16

Well, you can find out about the madwin FAQ.

Basically: You have free spins => little madpoint.
You have the paying parties => bcp of madpoints and immediate gain.

With madpoints, you can play different games like lottery, raffles, etc ...

And finally, you can trade in the shop, the madpoints against the gifts you want.

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22/02/2009 18:52:02


you will find the answer on the following link

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