Player pollux88 posted a message on 30/05 09:39 on the MadWin Forum: gift winner challenge challenge free games gift. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :gift winner challenge challenge free games gift
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30/05/2008 09:39:57

Hi everyone.
I propose that each winner of free game is awarded a small prize instead of 1000 pts for his first place in the game challenge. good idea no. hi and good game

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30/05/2008 15:02:56

Hi Pollux, you need to know that Free Games does not generate any revenue for Madwin so here is the reason why he is offering MPoints. There is a gift for the winner of the Mega Challenge which is already good I think ... There are several months ago Challange and Mega Challenges did not exist!



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06/06/2008 17:24:13

Hello pollux88,

yes, we could win a car for every challenge winner! 😉
good I carry you a little but I think you understand the principle: the proposed endowments must obviously remain of the order of possible "economically" ...

We would love to make you win prizes if that were possible, but in fact the challenges are above all to consider as a "bonus" on free games to reward the best players!

Good games!
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