Player pop50 posted a message on 06/12 11:04 on the MadWin Forum: Will Santa Claus be late?. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :Will Santa Claus be late?
Top poster
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06/12/2008 11:04:43

Hello Madwin & to his players,
I have many jackpot prizes waiting to be sent, (I think I'm not the only one or otherwise I'm unlucky) Will
we have a chance to receive them before Christmas?

Number of Messages: 3413
11/12/2008 16:07:07

Overall, and as every year at this time, we are working hard to maximize gifts before Christmas at home.
And for example, like every year, we suffer the shortages at Nintendo ... We can do our best to predict ... In short, we do the best but you understand that we can not commit totally to this subject !

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