Player flowerangel10 posted a message on 13/11 13:32 on the MadWin Forum: the queue. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :the queue
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13/11/2008 13:32:19

how does the line work?

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15/11/2008 11:27:07

Hello flower
you have to choose the gift that you like.and then you enter the queue until you are 1st.well on it is necessary that you validate every day to stay in this well it is written " enter the queue "if it is the showcase tick that you want to speak
Have a good day and have a good game
Friendly lulu200995🌹🌹

Top poster
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16/11/2008 20:03:03

🙋quelle file??🙋

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16/11/2008 23:51:35

When you choose a queue after registration the server will give you your rank, for example 384th (hey ...). Then every day you will have to validate your registration for the gift and you will also receive your new rank, for example 378th. This means that there are 5 people who did not validate their gift that was in front of you, with the 6th person who won the gift so you win 6 rank.

I think it takes at least 6 months of diligence to hope for a gift this way.

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19/11/2008 13:59:23

to enter a queue you must have enough point for it regade how many points are needed then chosen confirm your participation and click on a banner to confirm
you have to validate every day the list of queue (s) to arrive first
if you do not validate the days you are no longer part of the queue is you get your points

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