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Subject :Revelations & Apologies
Top poster
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31/10/2008 17:35:18

Wave: To all of you:

Apologies: My apologies to the webmaster and all madwin.
To be honest lately I was planning to unsubscribe because I found that the big players were favored in the monthly operations, that the more modest loyal were forgotten.....

why a change of mind?
- Today I played eldorado and won (following a little bug on the pop-up I don't know if I could win the eee pc) so at least I hope madwin will understand and leave me at least the dvd tnt player (which is already very nice), I then looked at my earnings tracking to make sure that the dvd player was validated, and there I saw that yes, and that 2 days before Madwin, although there is the dreamcard, offered me a Madwin USB flash drive. it's this kind of free attention that has managed to make me understand that Madwin pampers (well...: D) his loyal followers (another player, she had chocolates),

so frankly Continue you will only get benefits... (little Christmas gift, [[I know from memory that my registered son had a Scharowski crystal decoration for the family tree], birthday gift.....]

then (icing on the cake), for my complaints of fairness on monthly transactions, I saw that Madwin had removed the credits/mp exchanges for wheel turns, so the big winners don't have "billions" of turns to sell!

Only regret, not having won yet on the current operation!

In short THANK YOU and again sorry to your teams!

Webmaster I give you the topic for a little thanks against my huge THANK YOU!!!!

Top poster
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10/11/2008 00:38:35

good, webmaster loved you do not respond when we congratulate you then ... I will begin to complain!

Top poster
Number of Messages: 726
10/11/2008 17:27:25

If you take the webmaster by the feelings, it will surely answer you 😉

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