Player zorana posted a message on 20/07 11:01 on the MadWin Forum: Madwin and the Madpoints. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :Madwin and the Madpoints
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20/07/2008 11:01:05


I've been registered on Madwin for three days and I'm really happy: I see my scores improve and my Madpoints increase.

But I'm asking myself a question. I look from time to time history and I confess do not always understand. Why is it sometimes written "you played at ..." with no corresponding point and why is it sometimes written "Madwin doubles your points to the game ..."?

Can you explain to me? Is it when you use your bonuses?

Impatient that you enlighten me on this point ... and to earn more. Merci😉

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25/07/2008 22:00:48

when you register madwin the number of madpoints you win is double for a few days finally if my memories are good
you have played means you have played and you have to score: you have won ... Madpoints that correspond to the game you have just played
So good game

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21/12/2014 16:16:16


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