Player mimi0057 posted a message on 09/06 00:30 on the MadWin Forum: Thank you, thank you for all your heart.. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

Discover Sideway Colors
Sideway Colors
The Goowiz are back for an adventure of reflex and speed in this game where you have to test your best reflexes!
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Discover Atlantis Paradise Ocean
Atlantis Paradise Ocean
The Fish offer you a booster game in their aquatic world!
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Discover Catch A Prize Jackpot
loot game Catch A Prize Jackpot
An HP Multifunction Printer up for grabs !
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Discover Brikz Break
Brikz Break
The Goowiz face their deadly enemies "the Brikz" in a puzzle game where the laws of gravity are your best ally!
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Scratch Ticket Juke Box
Number of remaining tickets :4636 / 12000
USD 100 up for grabs !
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Subject :Thank you, thank you for all your heart.
Number of Messages: 7
09/06/2008 00:30:13

Bold textwrite icimerci in madwin for the qlq gift box I have won since the beginning of the year a box dvd a digital frame a barbecue and a ,pancake ,and a blender kenwoode qlq cheque for 20 euro now my dream would be to win the kenwood to make the cakes lol sa made 20 years mine of nothing ke I dreamed me helas never had I have not many means mm here p play 300 euro per month p live c tt helas mé bon in fact with thanks p tt your site and super brvo continue to make rever reversible kisses to all the team of madwin mimi(rose)(rose)(rose)B)

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