Player archibal83 posted a message on 01/12 02:21 on the MadWin Forum: a coffee, the bill. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :a coffee, the bill
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01/12/2009 02:21:29

(drink) Great new game, I don't regret listening to my godchild!
Unless you have extra tables to serve, it's hard to get a lot of tips, but after all, we're told that you have to work harder + earn +(sing)?
Too bad the madpoints are limited to 150, whether you have 2350 or more than 5600 tips, it doesn't pay more! But have we ever seen a small employee earn more than his boss?
Thank you for this great new feature:wave:

Top poster
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08/12/2009 09:33:30

Houlala, I quickly gave up this game, not for me, I quickly returned to my bonus-words 😉


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