Player didi67380 posted a message on 26/11 03:13 on the MadWin Forum: no winner of the premium category. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :no winner of the premium category
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26/11/2009 03:13:37

wave: hello !
I realized that no winner had won a gift in the "premium" category
so I'm worried ! are these gifts totally inaccessible? in this case why put them in the window?
I'm lost8-|

can you help me? thank you (pink)

Number of Messages: 2
01/12/2009 22:15:53

didi67380 wrote:
: wave: hello!
I realized that no winner had won a gift of the category

why no one answers !!!!!!!!
I sui decue !!!

Number of Messages: 1
05/12/2009 09:12:37

I think that you have more madpoints, less premium gifts or very inaccessible ..... strange?

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