Player sanndra posted a message on 16/01 01:52 on the MadWin Forum: Winning gifts without credits... possible?. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :Winning gifts without credits... possible?
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16/01/2006 01:52:56

Hello everyone ! 😉

I am new on the site and I ask myself a question: is it really possible to win gifts without ever buying credits? 😕

For now it's been just 3 days that I play and I have about 300pts but when I see the number of points needed to get the gifts I feel like I'll have to play for a bunch of years before to win something ... !! 😂

Mici a lot for your answers! 😃

Number of Messages: 7
16/01/2006 22:40:31

If you want more point, around 1200 per day, bowling .. simple enough to understand and its reports!

Number of Messages: 174
17/01/2006 01:36:51

Hello "Sanndra", and welcome to you!

Yes, it is possible to win prizes by playing only your 15 free spins / day. You understand, it will take a "certain time" to collect a lot of madpoints, but if you're patient, it's worth it! Time goes by way of nothing! 😉
Test the different free games, to see, what earns you the most points (for me it's Bonus Word, you have to be good in letters)
Come on, I wish you good luck and a good dose of patience for the future! 😉
A + "Sanndra"! ðŸŒđ

Top poster
Number of Messages: 726
17/01/2006 12:06:00

Welcome among us,
Try Bonus-words, with your 15 games, you could easily earn between 1500 and 2500 Madpoints a day.

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23/01/2006 02:04:10

Hello !

Thank you for your answers, I am currently in full running, I test all games to see those who earn me the most points! ðŸĪŠ

What is certain is that it will take time but the games are nice and there is really something for everyone !! 😂

In any case thank you for your welcome ... it's nice! 😉

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