Player diapositif posted a message on 09/02 11:49 on the MadWin Forum: Bonus words. Answer him on MadWin and exchange with other players

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Subject :Bonus words
Top poster
Number of Messages: 726
09/02/2006 11:49:38

Very disappointed by the new award of Madpoints for the Word Bonus game, I no longer recommend this game to those who hope to win many points.
On average, we earn half as many points as in the past.
Too bad! Too bad! (devil)

Number of Messages: 174
09/02/2006 14:47:43

See 3 times less mpx !! Hi Slide 😃

I must admit that I am also very disappointed. In the past as you say, we could hope to win sometimes more than 500 madpoints (it has already happened for me anyway) and that's where I understand the WHY of HOW! Let's get 400 bps / part x 15 parts / day, do the math, it's not bad and not very balanced compared to the other "best scores" of the other games, it must be recognized. Now I think we can even forget the 200 mdpts per game! 😂 (yes, it's better to laugh at it 😂)
From now on, the new madwinians who would like to play Bonus-Mots, would have any interest to be excellent in the matter, otherwise the game will not be worth the candle, well I think.
It is precisely this contrast between before and after that has disappointed us! (I was expecting, it is true, a change, but not such a tumble!)
It's still annoying ... I'm disappointed on the one hand, but I realize on the other hand that the team is doing its best "to ensure the sustainability of Madwin."
But, what do you think of "guarantee the fidelity of the Madwinians", because without them ... (sorry I have no desire to "sink" madwin but I have it on the heart for a little while)
I think I'm waiting for some new (+ positive) changes, but for the moment, and to reassure Patouille (😉 thank you very much for your message Pat 🌹), I intend to stay on Madwin, and I will continue to play bonuses -words (which is still my favorite game). 😉

Come on, let's shake our elbows Slide! 😃

Number of Messages: 2
09/02/2006 15:54:52

agree with you
not even want to play grrrrrrrrr! 😈

Number of Messages: 62
09/02/2006 19:49:19

hello to you I am disappointed too and just like you I will advise against it now it was a while that I did not play for personal reasons and I'm happy to come back play I see the reduction of points c is well damage but I do madwin trust if they did it for a good reason voila otherwise continue good to play on this site super anyway bye

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