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Discover Ghost Hunter
Ghost Hunter
Help Sherlock capture all the Ghosts!
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Discover Alien Builder
Alien Builder
Aliens to Conquer Space!
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Discover Bugs
The Bugs are on in there!
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Discover Atomic Fission
Atomic Fission
Doctor Atomix wants to blow the meters!
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Discover Rex's Dream
Rex's Dream
Help Rex collect as many bones as he can and reach Heaven of Gluttony!
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Once registered, you will have 15 free rounds every day to play on the games of your choice. Each Round will earn you MadPoints that will be added to your account. Collect unlimited MadPoints and redeem them for Prizes! You will be able to order Prizes whenever you wish, without drawing lots and at no cost!

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Stadium - Become the King of the Stadium!

Zodiaque - If there's no moon, get the stars!

Dédale - Run the mice to the exit!

Alien Cleaner - Be a real household monster!

Alchemy - Turn mushrooms into gold!

Le Jardin de Rex - Rex's strawberries are worth gold!

Un Café, L'Addition - Serve in this café being strategist to serve a maximum of tables and drinks!
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